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5 Exclusive Places For Not Ordinary Vacation In Vienna!

It’s time to visit the city of music! Do you know why?
Schubert, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven are still the prominent composers which were born in Austria.
Admire various styles of architecture like Baroque, Rococo, Romanesque here. Do not waste your time – let’s look through all the wonders of Vienna.

1. Are you ready for a challenge in Room Escape Wien?

Location: Lackierergasse 4. Top 4/5., Vienna 1090, Austria
GPS position: 48.218269, 16.356723
Working hours: Sat -Sun 11.30-22.00, Mon-Fri 16.00-22.00
Price range: Over 14 years old -23 Euro
Parking:  not available
You can try something out of ordinary and feel how powerful you are.
Room Escape offers you to take part in 2 amazing riddle games. The first is “The Goldrush” where a team is obliged to find gold bullion and complete the task.
You will have only 60 minutes, but be very careful as many traps are waiting for you!
The second game is “Panic Room”. We are sure that you know why it is called so…You will be locked in darkness and have to escape from the room which belongs to gangster…he will come soon and…Well, it’s better to find the key and run away safely.
During these two thrilling games you have to show all your skills and quick thinking by solving different puzzles, enigmas and riddles.

2. Visit 250 attractions in Praterstern park!

Location: Praterstern U-Bahn Stop,Vienna
GPS position: 48.208174, 16.373819
Working hours: 24/7
Price range: 1-10Euro for rides
Parking:  Available for 2 Euro for 1 h
Can you imagine a place where 250 attractions, rides, bars, cinemas and restaurants are located?
Praterstern is the oldest park of attractions in the globe!
It was created in the middle of the 12th century.
Have a ride at the Liliputbahn railway station cross the park. Also you can try the most powerful and highest in the world the Praterturm flying swing which is 117 m high.
Have you ever touched the star or just wanted to do so?
By visiting Planetariim everything can happen…! It is a palace of stars which has amazing shows and parade of planets. And much more secrets can be found here!

3. Watch the parade of Anker Clock at 12 o’clock!

Location: 1, Hoher Markt 10/11,Vienna
GPS position: 48.210865, 16.37341
Working hours: Every day at 12:00 is a parade show
Price range: free
Parking: Not available
A great example of Modern style is the Anker Clock, built during three years. Thanks to Franz von Matsch, who created it, now we can still enjoy the appearance of the clock.
The time is shown by the help of different historical people which have a special number on the head. At noon every day you can see at your own eyes a nice parade with music. Each figure is coming through the bridge to the strains of music representing a particular time.

4. Danube Tower is the highest of its kind in the whole world!

Location: Donauturmstraße 4, 1220 Wien,
GPS position: 48.241505, 16.40697
Working hours: Every day 10.00-00.00
Price range: 5.50 Euros
Parking:  Available
Do you want to enjoy the panorama of Vienna?
The best place without any doubts is Danube Tower which is 252 m high.
It is considered to be one of the main symbols of the city. Because of the Vienna International Garden Show which was held in 1964, we are able to admire the beauty of this tower.
You can reach the top by the help of the high speed lifts and taste exotic cuisine in the rotating restaurant. But this is not the only benefits of visiting this place.
Incredible opportunity is waiting for courageous people. On Saturdays and Sundays you can jump from the tower! No, no it is not that way you could think… You can try bungee jumping which is prepared with safety belts.

5. Do not get lost in Schönbrunn labyrinth!

Location: Schönbrunner Schlossstraße, 1130 Wien
GPS position: 48.187116, 16.311159
Working hours: April-June, September 9.00-18.00
July-August 9.00-19.00; October 9.00-17.00; November 9.00-16.00
Price range: Adults €3,50; Children €2,20
Parking: Available
Schönbrunn labyrinth is located near the prominent Schönbrunn palace. It was created between 1698 and 1740.
This green masterpiece attracts people from the whole world.
Unfortunately in the 19th century the labyrinth was destroyed, but at the end of the 20th century it was fully recreated.
By roaming its high bushes you can find 12 Zodiac signs.
At the heart of the labyrinth you will see the ancient platan, and the rocks which symbolize Yin-Yang.
If you touch these rocks simultaneously you will find happiness. Do not you want to check if it is truth?

How to get to famous places in Vienna?

If you are tired of catching taxis, using buses and waiting for metro there is still a way to get a comfortable ride by affordable price.


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